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Warm Hearts Humane Society to host pop-up fundraiser December 21, spay/neuter clinics in January

Warm Hearts Humane SocietyMount Ida, AR – Warm Hearts Humane Society will sponsor its first spay/neuter clinic of 2020 at the Animal Medical Clinic in Mount Ida on Monday and Tuesday, January 20-21 and January 27-28.  Dr. Barbara Page will perform all spay/neuter surgeries.

Volunteers for Warm Hearts will be hosting a Pop-Up Fundraiser at the Joplin Store on Saturday, December 21 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm to help fund these spay/neuter clinics.  “We will have some items for purchase that might help in your last-minute Christmas shopping, or feel free to stop by and make a donation.  Every dollar raised goes directly to helping control the abandoned/stray animal population in Montgomery County,” said Mary Ann Shaw, president of the organization.

Surgery costs for dogs are $30 for females and $20 for males.  Surgery costs for cats are $15 for females and $10 for males.  Additional costs may apply depending on the vetting history and condition of the animal.

In its October Spay/Neuter clinic, Dr. Page altered 47 cats and 23 dogs. The cost for Montgomery County residents was only $1,215.00, with Warm Hearts Humane Society underwriting the remaining $4,436.00 in vet surgery costs. For example, the cost to spay a 70 pound dog is $160, the voucher recipient pays $30, and Warm Hearts pays the remaining $130 in vet surgery costs.

To continue offering these low-cost clinics to Montgomery County residents, the non-profit organization depends on donations from the community and local support for its annual Fish Fry fundraiser every March.

Since response for the October Spay/Neuter Clinic was so successful and extended into a third week, Warm Hearts is offering the same pricing for its January clinic. These prices represent a considerable savings of $75 – $150 for voucher recipients.

Because Warm Hearts underwrites at least 75% of the spay/neuter cost for participants, some restrictions apply for those who have purchased dogs from breeders or other sellers.  “While we would love to offer the low-cost price to all Montgomery County residents, we do have to place some restrictions on those that are financially able to vet and purchase an animal,” Shaw stated. 

Vouchers may be requested by calling (870)490-0883 between now and January 10.   

Pre-payment is required by January 13 before surgery will be scheduled.  When payment is received from those receiving a voucher, the surgery date will be set.  

Pet owners will be responsible for dropping off their animal between 8:30 and 9:00 am on the scheduled date and picking up their pet the following morning.  

Warm Hearts Humane Society is a 501c.3 organization dedicated to helping the animals of Montgomery County, and asks that all pet owners consider spaying and neutering their pets.

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