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2023 Ouachita Challenge Gravel Grinder sets a blistering pace


MONTGOMERY COUNTY – The weather couldn’t have been better today for cyclists who participated in the 2023 Ouachita Challenge Gravel Grinder. John Purvis was the first to cross the finish line Saturday with a time of 2:43:11. Rob Bell Finished 2nd overall and first in the Gravel Geared Division.

Recent heavy rains in the area have led to rising water levels in the area. Organizers were forced to reroute the course at the last minute in an effort to keep the riders risk at a minimum. Unfortunately, Someone moved some direction markers along the course the morning of the race which caused some competitors to veer off course.

Undaunted, the cyclists took to the course at a blistering pace. John Purvis, who had registered in the OC Double Division, was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 2:43:11. Rob Bell, the first place finisher in the Gravel Geared Division, was a second behind Purvis at 2:43:12, followed by Bradley Cobb with a time of 2:43:14.

Sam Pickman was 4th overall with a time of 2:44:16, followed by Sullivan at 2:45:51, AJ Meyer at 2:50:09, Kyle Lockhouse at 2:50:13, Mason McNeill at 2:50:16, Leah Thorvilson, the first female competitor to cross the line, at 2:53:09, and David Neidinger rounded out the Top 10 with a time of 2:56:00.

Below is a partial list of competitors, their times, arranged by Division. All results are preliminary until certified.

Men’s Geared Gravel winner Rob Bell

Men’s Gravel Geared Race

1st – Rob Bell (2:43:12)

2nd – Sam Pickman (2:44:16)

3rd – Russell Griffin (3:01:33

4th – Mark Ferguson (3:09:42)

5th – Adam Moore (3:12:21)

6th – Cole Tininenko (3:14:24)

7th – Benjamen Rieck (3:24:44)

8th – John Jones (3:24:59)

9th – Justin Cary (3:29:27)

10th – Mike Adams (3:29:49)

Men’s Single Speed Gravel winner Randy Windle

Men’s Gravel Single Speed

1st Randy Windle (3:56:26)


Men’s OC Double

1st – John Purvis (2:43:11)

2nd – Bradley Cobb (2:43:14)

3rd – Sullivan (2:45:51)

4th – AJ Meyer (2:50:09)

5th – Kyle Lockhause (2:50:13)

6th – Mason McNeill (2:50:16)

7th – David Neidinger (2:56:00)

8th – Dylan Schaeffer (3:01:31)

9th – Kelly Woolverton (3:06:39)

10th – Tracy Martin (3:06:52)


Men’s OC Double Single Speed

1st – Denton Reel (3:27:00)

2nd – Williams (3:52:15)

3rd – Larry Wagner (3:55:38)

Women’s Geared Gravel winners Pictured left to right:
2nd – Jessica Soroka (3:46:00); 1st – Leah Thorvilson (3:36:32); 3rd – Stacey McMickens (3:53:23)

Women’s Gravel Geared

1st – Leah Thorvilson (3:36:32)

2nd – Jessica Soroka (3:46:00)

3rd – Stacey McMickens (3:53:23)

4th – Barbara Pinkerton (4:08:38)

5th – Crystal Denham (4:14:05)

6th – Sally Logan (4:20:18)

7th – Mary Williams (4:26:11)


Women’s OC Double

1st – Amy Phillips (2:53:09)

2nd – Ali Whittier (3:51:19)

3rd – Lori Martin (3:51:24)

4th – Monica Desjardins (3:53:19)

5th – Sara Seels (3:58:03)

6th – Ariana Khu (4:09:25)

7th – Kristina Cordova (4:09:26)

8th – Assenmacher (4:37:42)

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