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Gordon leads pack of nine in sub-five hour times in 2023 Ouachita Challenge


MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Micah Gordon completed the Sunday course in 4:31:16 to win the Mountain Geared Division and the overall best time Sunday.

There was a total of nine riders who finished the multi-surface course in under five hours. While the course is predominantly known as a single-track trail course, riders do spend time on road surfaces and gravel roads. Once again weather forced a last-minute course change, but it didn’t seem to bother the competitors.

Micah Gordon was the first to cross the finish line at 4:31:16. Rob Sandusky was the overall runner-up with a time of 4:37:42. Austin Sullivan was seconds behind at 4:37:48. He was the first of three OC Double competitors to finish in the Top 5 overall. Bradley Cobb came in at 4:43:50, followed by John Purvis at 4:46:54. Notestine was sixth overall with a time of 4:57:19, followed by Chrystal Anthony, the top female competitor of the day, with a time of 4:57:34. Tracy Martin was the eighth best finisher with a time of 4:57:51. Dylan Rogers turned in the last sub-five hour time at 4:59:34. Dylan Schaeffer rounded out the overall Top 10 with a time of 5:02:28.

Below is a partial list of finishers. All times are preliminary until certified. The winners in the OC Double Divisions have not been announced yet.

Sunday results

2023 OC Double Challenge Men’s Sunday Winners pictured left to right:
2nd Place – Bradley Cobb, 1st Place – Austin Sullivan, 3rd Place – John Purvis. – Photos by Dewayne Holloway

Men’s OC Double

1st – Austin Sullivan (4:37:48)

2nd – Bradley Cobb (4:43:50)

3rd – John Purvis (4:46:54)

4th – Tracy Martin (4:57:51)

5th – Dylan Schaeffer (5:02:28)

6th – David Neidinger (5:07:24)

7th – Kane Lacombe (5:07:49)

8th – Joshua Snyder (5:16:06)

9th – Kelly Woolverton (5:18:49)

10th – AJ Meyer (5:19:36)


Men’s OC Double Single Speed

1st Boomer Lopold (5:47:42)

2nd – Williams (6:12:34)

3rd – Larry Wagner (6:54:36)


Women’s OC Double

1st – Sara Seels (5:33:34)

2nd – Amy Phillips (5:51:36)

3rd – Kathy Wilson (6:55:44)

4th – Ariana Khu (7:07:07)

5th – Ali Whittier (7:19:07)

Men’s Mountain Geared winners pictured left to right:
2nd Place – Rob Sandusky, 1st Place – Micah Gordon, 3rd Place – Notestine. – Photos by Dewayne Holloway

Men’s Mountain Geared

1st – Micah Gordon (4:31:16)

2nd – Rob Sandusky (4:37:42)

3rd – Notestine (4:57:19)

4th – Dylan Rogers (4:59:34)

5th – Harrington (5:06:46)

6th – Michael Drackert (5:07:41)

7th – Curt Wilhelm (5:16:56)

8th – John Moore (5:19:10)

9th – Ty Brasuell (5:19:28)

10th – Todd Garten (5:23:06)

Men’s Mountain Single Speed winners pictured left to right:
2nd Place – Colby Baxter, 1st Place – Steven Schmitt, 3rd Place – Steven Palmesano. Photos by Dewayne Holloway

Men’s Mountain Single Speed

1st – Steven Schmitt (6:04:28)

2nd – Colby Baxter (6:42:59)

3rd – Steven Palmesano (6:43:00)

4th – Jeremy Medlock (7:23:49)

Women’s Geared Mountain winners pictured left to right:
2nd Place – Shanna Durr, 1st Place – Crystal Anthony, 3rd Place – Mindy Mitchell. – Photos by Dewayne Holloway

Women’s Mountain Geared

1st – Crystal Anthony (4:57:34)

2nd – Shanna Durr (6:08:55)

3rd – Mindy Mitchell (6:26:31)

4th – Maddy Gabe (6:31:16)

5th – Meagan Alpha (6:37:27)


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