Prepping for Prom


A group of girls recently made a trip to Rose Petals & More to pick out their prom dresses. Brandy Bradford, the owner of Rose Petals & More, offers a selection of nearly new dresses at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy prom with that perfect dress. – Photo courtesy of Rose Petals & More Facebook page

MOUNT IDA – One Mount Ida business is doing their part to help make sure prom remains a special night for high school girls in Montgomery County.
The search for a prom dress is often considered a right of passage for teen girls with many planning weekend trips to large cities to find that perfect dress. Unfortunately for some, the search for a dress can be difficult and even a triggering event. Expensive dresses coupled with peer pressure can force many girls to avoid prom altogether, causing them to miss out on a special night.
Brandy Bradford, the owner of Rose Petals & More in Mount Ida, is doing her part to help every young lady find that special dress without the burden of an expensive price tag.
Most formal wear is worn once or twice and then spends the rest of their existence hanging in a garment bag in the back of a closet. Brandy, the owner of a floral shop and second hand store, decided to give people an opportunity to drag those dresses out of the closet and make them available to a new group of prom hopefuls.
Brandy began by giving people a place to gather where they could buy and sell used dresses. She held an event where dress owners could bring their dresses to Rose Petals & More to sell. Those in the market could come and shop like new dresses at a fraction of the cost of a new one.
She has amassed a collection of dresses at her location at 138 S. East Street in Mount Ida. Anyone in the market for a formal gown can come by and find that special dress to make your prom the perfect experience it is meant to be.
Brandy stated that she knows there are girls who don’t go to prom because they can’t afford a new dress. “I don’t want to see anyone not go because they can’t afford a dress.” She said.
There is a variety of sizes and styles available at Rose Petals & More and there is room for more. If you are in the market for a formal dress go see what she has. Perhaps you have a dress or two hanging in a closet. You can bring your dress by and help make someone’s prom a special night to remember.

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