Mount Ida grad returns home to pursue dream

A love for the land coupled with a desire to return home to Montgomery County has led Drew Dickey to join the team of Whitetail Properties.
Drew, a native of Montgomery County, developed a love for the land while growing up in the Ouachita Mountains and on Lake Ouachita. While attending school at Oden and Mount Ida he cultivated a love for hunting and fishing in one of the richest areas for outdoor activities in the United States. After graduating from Mount Ida he moved away to pursue a career in clean water management. His love and respect for the land grew while working as a lake warden for Beaver Water District. He also worked several years for Central Arkansas Water. However, his heart remained in Montgomery County.
After 20 years of working in the clean water management industry, Dickey was given the opportunity to give back to the hobbies that were such an important part of his life while moving back to Montgomery County.
Drew recently joined the team at Whitetail Properties as a Land Specialist. He serves seven counties which includes Montgomery, Pike, Howard, Polk, Clark, Hot Spring and Dallas Counties.
Founded in 2007, Whitetail Properties is a real estate company like no other. On their website at, they explain that while their real estate company is known for their laser like focus on buying and selling land, it was born from something as old as the soil itself; man’s connection to it.
On their website they state, “For those who seek land ownership, many recognize within themselves a need to know a property well. Really well. There’s an unspoken yearning to test yourself against the land, live off the land and, even, be accepted by it. That human need blends into the DNA of Whitetail Properties. We were founded by hunters, farmers and rural landowners. Our agents are known as Land Specialists. Our tireless commitment to helping buyers and sellers of land achieve their goals and reach their dreams with unmatched service. Our passion and the way we serve others reflects the rural lifestyle we live.”
Drew is looking forward to bringing this attitude to the communities he serves in West Central Arkansas. He wants everyone to understand that while many properties are merely valued and promoted on the fertility of the soil, or the maturity of the timber, he understands that there is value in the recreational properties found on the land. Oftentimes, the quality of deer and other wildlife using and living on the land brings a marketability to the land that is priceless.
Whitetail Properties specializes in promoting and marketing all aspects of your land. They also work diligently to help you find that perfect spot of land to fit your needs.
Drew understands the unique qualities found in the land located in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas and is looking forward to providing a service that can only be found at Whitetail Properties. They sold 22,235 acres of property in Arkansas in 2022 for $104 million. The national company offers an unmatched marketing tool through their own land and hunting TV show called Whitetail Properties TV. This program reaches nearly 36 million homes each week.
Drew joins Whitetail Properties in their mission to provide unparalleled service and professionalism. He will work as hard as he can to help buyers and sellers achieve their dreams.
“I believe that working hard at something you love, with people you trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life.” Dickey stated.
Drew can be reached by phone at (479) 445-4794.

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