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Oden falls to Legacy Academy, Acorn

Oden’s senior squads saw their first basketball action last week against Legacy Academy before facing Acorn in their home opener Friday.
The Oden Junior Lady Timberwolves tipped off their season against Legacy Academy with a 23-6 loss.
Legacy Academy jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the first period, but the Junior Lady Timberwolves were able to cut the lead to seven in the second with a 4-2 run. Legacy Academy outscored Oden 4-0 in the third and 8-2 in the fourth to claim the win.
Shaelyn Starr, Ashton Feschuch and Isabella Thomas each scored two points.
Legacy Academy 9 2 4 8 23
Oden                  0 4 0 2  6
The Lady Timberwolves watched an 18-17 halftime lead slip away from them in a 43-34 loss at Legacy Academy.
Legacy Academy jumped out to a 14-7 lead in the fourth. However, Oden was able to respond with an 11-3 run in the second period to take a one point lead into the half. Legacy Academy regained control of the game in the third with a 10-6 run and finished the game with a 16-10 advantage in the fourth to get the victory.
Ann Hughes led the Lady Timberwolves with nine points, followed by Emee McAnelly and Abby Strother with eight each. Annie Strother scored seven and Gala Millwood and Gracie Pearson each scored one.
Legacy Academy 14   3 10 16 43
Oden                   7 11   6 10 34
The Timberwolves suffered a similar fate in the senior boys game, dropping a first quarter lead in a 61-45 loss at the hands of Legacy Academy.
Oden opened the match up with a 15-13 lead in the first period, but trailed 29-22 at the half. Legacy Academy outscored them 16-15 in the third and 16-8 in the fourth to claim the win.
Ethan Stovall led the Timberwolves with 29 points, Caleb Hearne scored six, Trent Morrison scored five, Nathanael Mayo scored three and Kaiden Johnson scored two.
Legacy Academy 13 16 16 16 61
Oden                  15  7 15   8 45
Oden hosted Acorn for their home opener Friday, October 15. Acorn spoiled their home opener with wins over all three Timberwolf teams.
The Junior Tigers defeated Oden’s Junior Timberwolves 41-13. Fredrick Metcalf led Oden with six points, followed by Braxton Hemund with three and Braxton McAnelly and Lucas Myers with two each.
Oden    0 7  2 4 13
Acorn 13 9 13 6 41
Acorn claimed a 58-19 victory over the Lady Timberwolves. Gala Millwood, Emee McAnelly and Abby Strother each scored four points for Oden. Ann Hughes and Annie Strother each scored three, and Antonia Canon scored one.
Oden    7  8   1 3 19
Acorn 30 11 14 2 58
Acorn earned their third win with an 83-27 victory in the senior boys game. Ethan Stovall led all Timberwolves with nine points, followed by Justice Carter-Mauk with six, Nathanael Mayo with five and Trent Morrison with three. Kaiden Johnson and Wyatt Pearson scored two each.
Oden    4 13   3   7 27
Acorn 35   7 23 14 83

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