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Montgomery County remains COVID free as state numbers soar

Montgomery County continues to avoid the virus as numbers of positive COVID-19 cases climbs across the state of Arkansas. At press time Tuesday Arkansas was reporting 12,917 cumulative cases and 4,383 active cases.
Statewide numbers have risen at an alarming rate as test parameters expand to include persons not exhibiting symptoms. Reports of positive cases have risen by over 3,000 since last Tuesday when there were 9,740 cases reported. The total death toll is at 182 with 8,352 recoveries reported.
Montgomery County is not reporting any active cases with 231 negative cases reported. Healthy Connections hosted a pop-up free testing event Tuesday in Mount Ida. Test results from this event could change the county’s numbers.
Yell County continues to lead the region with a total of 308 cumulative casesThey are reporting 98 active cases, down from last week’s total of 103, and two COVID-19 related deaths. There have been 1,078 negative test results reports.
Polk County is reporting 19 active cases and 37 recoveries. There are currently 56 cumulative cases reported. There have been 940 negative test results reported.
Garland County reports 165 cumulative cases, 27 active cases and one death. They have reported 4,928 negative test results.
Hot Spring County reports 42 cumulative cases, nine active cases and no deaths. They have reported 1,254 negative test results.
Clark County reports 48 cumulative cases, nine active cases and no deaths. They have reported 1,85 negative test results.
Pike County reports seven cumulative cases, two active cases and no deaths. They have reported 1,077 negative test results.
Howard County reports 41 cumulative cases, 9 active cases and no deaths. They have reported 724 negative test results.
Areas that have been most effected in Arkansas include Washington County with 1,107 active cases, Benton County with 608 active cases, Lee County with 513 active cases, Pulaski County with 298, Sevier County with 167 and Crittendon County with 107.
Despite the rise in positive cases Arkansas moved into Phase II of their reopening plan. Restaurants and other businesses are able to seat two-thirds capacity with all other restrictions still in place.
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