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Meet the Cast; MCCPA to present “Into the Woods, Jr”

“Into the Woods, Jr.” is a magical, imaginative adventure, told through Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm’s classic fairy tales all rolled in to one.   As the intricate plot unfolds, Cinderella, her Prince, Little Red Ridinghood, the Wolf, Jack, Rapunzel, and other fairy tale characters are attempting to realize wishes of their own.

With the upcoming performances, we would like for you, our audience, to meet our newcomers. 

Sam Aberle

We will start with Sam Aberle.  Sam has performed in other plays acting as King David, and had four roles in The Hobbit.  His character in this performance is a Mysterious Man who says his cow is worth only a sack of beans.  Sam describes his character as rather dejected, but still hopeful as he observes his son getting his wish.  The Mysterious Man is gruff, but has a heart of gold that has been tainted by grief.  “Expect the unexpected!”

Aleah Deckard

Aleah Deckard, a student at Mount Ida High School, has learned a lot with this being her first acting role.  She has learned what all goes on behind the scenes for a performance to work.  This play is a musical and she states that she’s learned some new warm up techniques.  Aleah’s character is Cinderella’s Stepmother.  She is excited about portraying her character as rude & stuck up.  She states that she also has the privilege of having an interesting wardrobe.  As in the original fairy tale, the vile stepmother & stepsisters laugh at Cinderella’s wish.

Katie Beth Felton

Katie Beth Felton is a graphic designer by day.  She also enjoys baking, is an artist & plays the violin.  This is her first acting performance.  She enjoys seeing the dedication of her fellow cast mates.  She, also, has learned about breathing techniques when warming up for a musical.  Kathie Beth portrays the Baker’s Wife.  This character is caring & daring for having never ventured beyond the bakery.  Her wish is to have a child more than anything in the whole world…she would even give her own life to have a baby.

Performance dates are Saturday, October 9 @ 7 PM; Sunday, October 10 & 17, @ 2 PM. Admission is $8 for adults, senior adults & students are $5.

Advance tickets may be purchased. Contact Edwenna 870-490-1678 for more information.

Credits are given to Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine for MTI’s Broadway Junior Collection for writing this musical.

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