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Bequette pitches hat into the ring for Lieutenant Governor

LITTLE ROCK – Chris Bequette, lifelong Republican not a lifelong politician, issued the following statement:
“It is with great honor that I announce my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor and launch a movement to finally put Arkansas on the path to the true Liberty, Safety and Prosperity that all Arkansans deserve. Too many milquetoast Republicans have failed to fulfill the mandate voters gave them 8-10 years ago. A mandate for a Republican Party version of State Government that’s smaller and limited, that cuts wasteful spending, abolishes the State income tax and cracks down on crime. Only then will we finally deliver on issues that matter most to Arkansans.”
“For example, since taking control of the legislature after the 2012 elections, Republicans have increased State Government spending by 25% when they should have focused on cutting a bloated and overgrown, kudzu-like State Government by 25% – or more. In 2014, when a Republican supermajority and our current constitutional officers were voted into office, they should have abolished the immoral State income tax Democrats imposed in 1929. Only recently have they finally given lip service to this idea.”
“Today, State Government remains as if Democrats still govern, and the list of examples is long. Republicans have neglected to address the massive violent crime surge, failing to overhaul and strengthen a soft-on-crime criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor and the only candidate in this race with law enforcement experience, I stand ready to protect our State. Like Democrats, Republicans have let Illegal Aliens, too many committing heinous crimes, clog up State services, costing taxpayers over $450 million a year. Arkansas Republicans inherited Arkansas Works from Democrats and have continued funding the program, costing taxpayers nearly a quarter of a billion dollars a year. We need a Republican K-12 education system where parents have the sole right to choose which school receives the money to educate their child. Our public higher education system remains a bloated Democrat version that continues to skyrocket in cost, churn out too many graduates with worthless degrees, saddle them with oppressive student loan debt, while ignoring the infestation of Leftist and Marxist administrators and faculty who indoctrinate Arkansas’ sons and daughters.”
“To be sure, putting in place a real Republican version of State Government demands that elected leaders use their political capital rather than hiding behind easy-to-pass or photo-op legislation. It requires politicians to courageously fight and go to the mat for citizens in tough, controversial and contentious fights. The prize will be well worth the effort because when we finally implement winning Republican policies, Liberty, Safety and Prosperity will be unleashed for all Arkansans.
Bequette on his opponents in the Lt. Governor’s race:
“Two of my opponents in this race, Doyle Webb and Jason Rapert, have been hack politicians for years. Jason Rapert is a 30% Republican at best. When we badly needed 100% Republicans, Rapert fiddled away hundreds of millions in hardworking taxpayer dollars by voting to increase spending each year. But nothing more epitomizes his gutlessness as a state senator than the fact that the Confucius Institute, a propaganda arm financed by the Chinese Communist Party, remained for a decade on the University of Central Arkansas campus, Rapert’s alma mater and in his district. This fact alone should disqualify Rapert from public office. Doyle Webb is the Mitch McConnell of Arkansas Republicans. He was unable to ensure that the Democrat Party version of State Government was cut and dismantled. Webb has been responsible for too many candidates elected to the State Legislature who have an “R” behind their name out of convenience rather than conviction.”

“Webb and Rapert have had their chance to cut 140-years of a Democrat Party version of State Government. They have fallen far short. We need new blood and real leaders in State Government who will go big, bold and strong. As your next Lieutenant Governor, I will work daily to be the chief accountability officer of our State and ensure that we govern as 100% Republicans, at long last unleashing Liberty, Safety and Prosperity in Arkansas. Accountability starts with elected officials. I promise to have an office budget of zero, have zero paid staff and take no salary from the taxpayers of Arkansas. I am confident in our campaign for Lieutenant Governor because our message resonates with Arkansans who work too hard to see their money wasted by a government that already spends and confiscates too much. I look forward to building this movement and connecting with even more Arkansans on the campaign trail and social media in the coming months.”

About Chris Bequette:

Chris Bequette was born in Missouri, but his first adult decision was to attend the alma mater of his Mom and Dad, the University of Arkansas. As a second-generation Razorback football player, Chris redshirted in 1983, before helping Arkansas achieve a 35-13-1 record from 1984-1987, and appear in 4 straight bowl games, including the Orange Bowl. Chris competed as a defensive tackle (1984) and offensive guard and tackle (1985-1987), lettering four years, starting in thirty-seven consecutive games and was voted one of four team captains in 1987. Chris earned his undergraduate degree in three years and played his last two seasons for the Razorbacks while attending law school, graduating in 1989. He is licensed to practice law in Arkansas and Missouri.

After coaching football for two seasons at Appalachian State University, Chris returned to Arkansas to work as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Little Rock from 1993-1995, trying over thirty jury trials, including a number of murder and violent crime cases. In late 1995, Chris entered the financial services industry. Since 2007 he has been the owner of a wealth management practice helping individuals and families win financially through financial education, planning and investment management services. Chris lives in Little Rock and is a longtime member of the Cathedral of St. Andrew and has been engaged in various charitable endeavors including the Knights of Columbus. Chris has one son, Luc, who is playing his final college football season in the PAC-12 Conference.

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