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Arkansas National Guardsmen to transport COVID-19 patients

The Arkansas National Guard has once again been called into service in Arkansas to help provide aid during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Arkansas National Guard announced this week that 14 medics were called to state active duty by Governor Asa Hutchinson. The Arkansas National Guard assumes support roles to augment civil authorities, where needed and directed by the Governor, to help in a crisis. In recent months they have been called to active duty to serve in a support role by answering COVID-19 related phone calls as well.

They will transport positive COVID-19 patients from locations around the state to an isolation facility near the University of Arkansas For Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock. The UAMS facility provides a safe place to isolate for infected Arkansans who are unable to isolate at home due to family considerations. The Guard will work in 12-hour shifts around the clock to transport positive COVID-19 patients, as needed.

The began service July 14 and will continue to transport patients for 30 days.

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