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Arkansas nears 1,200 confirmed COVID-19 cases

Reports of confirmed cases in Arkansas creeps closer to 1,200 cumulative cases according to Governor Asa Hutchinson. He reported during his daily press conference today that the total cumulative confirmed cases has reached 1,171

There are 86 patients currently housed in hospitals with 23 deaths reported.

There have been 17,113 COVID-19 tests conducted with 15,949 negative tests reported.

Governor Hutchinson shared a graph that compared predicted cases with actual cases. The graph reflected that Arkansas had been predicted to reach approximately 3,500 by today, April 10. Arkansas numbers are reporting that actual confirmed cases are just shy of a third of predicted cases.

Governor Hutchinson also shared that he had been involved with a phone call with Federal CDC advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding Arkansas’ response to the pandemic. He indicated that Dr. Fauci was pleased with Arkansas’ directives and results. Dr. Fauci praised Governor Hutchinson along with the Governor of Wyoming during a daily press conference today.

Montgomery County remains the only state in the region without a confirmed case of COVID 19. The Arkansas Department of Health website reports 15 negative tests from Montgomery County.

Among bordering counties, Garland County has reported the most cases with 66. They have 861 negative cases with 18 recoveries, followed by Clark County with 27 confirmed cases with 36 negative cases and nine recoveries.

Hot Spring County has eight confirmed cases with 96 negative cases. Polk County has nine confirmed cases with 90 negative tests results and two recoveries. Howard County also reports six confirmed cases wit 26 negative results with two recoveries. 

Pike County reports the second number of tests with 161 total tests administered. There are two confirmed cases with 158 negative test results and one recovery. Yell County has one confirmed case with 69 negative test results.

Scott County reports the fewest tests administered among bordering counties with one confirmed case and four negative tests.

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