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Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan Announces Milestone with Arkansas 529 Plan


Logo and website given fresh look, benefits remain


Little Rock, Ark. – The Arkansas 529 Education Savings Plan, established in 1999, is getting a new name to more accurately reflect the plan’s ever-evolving benefits for Arkansans. It will now be called the Arkansas Brighter Future 529 plan, Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan, whose office administers the program, announced today.


We’ve had a great history with the Arkansas 529 plan,” Milligan said. “We’ve been diligent and have worked with many champions in the state legislature to keep the program current with federal laws, and this was a natural time to ensure the brand reflected all the offerings 529s now have.”


The “offerings” Milligan mentions refer mainly to how funds from the plan can be used. The Arkansas 529 plan has traditionally been used to pay for college and university expenses and trade or vocational school costs.


“One of the first major changes to the plan happened in 2018 when K-12 private school tuition became a qualified expense. Then in 2021, the federal government broadened the plan even more to allow it to cover apprenticeship programs, as well as pay down student loan debt,” Milligan explained. “So as the program has evolved over time, we felt like this was an appropriate time to rebrand to allow people to see that their child’s future – whatever it may look like – could be even brighter with an Arkansas Brighter Future 529 plan.”


Fran Jansen, director of Arkansas Brighter Future 529 plans for the state, said the new logo and website better reflect the brand and its direction moving forward.


We’ve completely revamped the 529 website to make it more user-friendly,” Jansen said. “For the new logo, we chose a star to resemble light. We designed the star to be red as a nod to Arkansas. Even the playful design of the star was intentional.”


Another factor in rebranding the program to “Arkansas Brighter Future 529” is to highlight the fact that these accounts can now be used for so much more than higher education, Milligan said.


“Not every child in Arkansas will choose to go to college, so we wanted something that reflects that no matter what path a family decides is best for their child, they can still use the funds from their 529 to help brighten their future,” he said.


The Arkansas 529 plan has grown 120% to more than $1.2 billion in assets under Milligan’s administration. Accounts may be opened online for as little as $25 with no requirement for additional deposits, and account owners may be eligible to deduct up to $10,000 in contributions from their Arkansas adjusted gross income taxes.


All of the benefits currently offered by the Arkansas 529 plan will remain the same, Milligan said.


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Dennis Milligan was elected Treasurer of State in 2014 and re-elected in 2018. The State Treasury is responsible for overseeing the state’s $6 billion investment portfolio and administering the Arkansas Brighter Future 529 Plan. Since taking office in 2015, Milligan has receipted the state more than $456 million in investment receipts and has grown the 529 plan’s assets by 120%.

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