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The Donut Sisters share experiences in their new book, “People & Donuts”

For 10 years or so the go to place for donuts and anything sweet in Mount Ida was the “Twins Stop Donut Shop” and thanks to the owners Bonnie McConnell and Penny Crow you can read about their experiences at the shop.

The sisters have collected stories from the donut shop in a book titled “People & Donuts.” It is a lighthearted look at life in Mount Ida as seen through the eyes of a pair of twins who love to bake and share the warmth of a good donut with their friends.

Bonnie stated at the book signing that she was working  out of state in a job that wasn’t making her happy. She contacted her sister Penny who lived in Mount Ida and asked “What can we do together?” After pitching several ideas they settled on a donut shop.

Penny shared that she continued working at the Shoe Factory for the first few months while making donuts at the shop. However, once the business got to rolling she left it behind for a life of donuts and fun.

People who were fortunate enough to experience the sweet fruit of their labor still talk about their donuts and their shop. They were so popular that when the Angell’s opened their donut shop a few years ago they turned to the sisters for assistance.

Their book “People & Donuts” is a way for them to give back to the community that offered them so much love and support for so many years.

The book is filled with stories of their customers and things that happened in the unpredictable world of donuts.

Their book “People  & Donuts” can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It will be available for digital download soon. A date will be announced when it is available.

Article Written by Dewayne Holloway

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