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Montgomery County Takes Strides to Bridge the Digital Divide with New Broadband Infrastructure

In an era where our dependence on the internet is comparable to that of electricity or water, Montgomery County has recognized the urgency to act. It is embarking on an ambitious journey to ensure that all its residents have access to reliable high-speed internet. This initiative is not just about staying online, but about promoting inclusivity, growth, and bridging the gap that the digital divide has created in our society.

In a bid to foster transparency and community involvement, the county government has scheduled a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the comprehensive installation of broadband throughout Montgomery County. This monumental meeting will lay the groundwork for a future where high-speed internet access is not limited by geography or socio-economic status.

The key highlights of the meeting will include:

1. Presentation by industry experts: Beau Redfearn, General Manager for Four States Fiber,
and Jamie Farrell, General Manager for South Central Connect, will be enlightening the
community about the rollout schedule and the associated costs for the new high-speed fiber broadband.
2. Open dialogue: Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions, voice their concerns, and provide feedback. This is your chance to be part of a transformative journey and ensure that the broadband initiative caters to the unique needs of our community.
3. Event details: The Town Hall Meeting is set for October 10th. Doors will open at 5:30 PM. This pivotal event will take place at the historic Old Court House, situated on Highway 270 East in Mount Ida, Montgomery County. All are encouraged to attend and make their voices heard.

It’s no secret that many in Montgomery County, especially those residing in more rural locales, have grappled with the challenges of insufficient broadband access. The worldwide pandemic magnified this issue as the need for consistent online connectivity became even more paramount. Whether for work, learning, medical consultations, or simply to stay in touch with loved ones, a stable internet connection became the bridge to the outside world for many during lockdowns.

The Montgomery County government’s proactive approach to address this pressing concern is commendable. However, its success relies heavily on community input and collaboration. So, come be a part of this collective effort. Let us come together, discuss, and pave the way for a brighter, connected future for Montgomery County.

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