Montgomery County 4-H Banquet Returns

MOUNT IDA – The Montgomery County 4-H held their annual banquet Saturday, January 15, at Lake Ouachita Baptist Church. This marks the first time since the 2020 COVID pandemic that the awards banquet was held.
Katelyn Macejewski and Sawyer Beggs served as emcees. The banquet opened with the Pledge of Allegience led by the Puddle Jumpers Club and the 4-H pledge led by Mikayla Ellison. Peyton Macejewski led the room in an invocation.,
A meal was catered by Chicken Express in Hot Springs. After the meal awards were presented.
Mount Ida 4-H Club has 32 members.
1st Year Pin: Breanna Palikowski, Emily Pawlikowski, Zac Pawlikowski, Makenzi Clark, Kinley Elder, Katelyn Smith, Jordyn Dorse, Jaxon McBride, Jericho Hernandez, Samuel Sanchez, Taegan McPherson
2nd Year Pin: Cailynn Smith, Cayden Smith, Cayce Smith, Canyon Smith, Barrett Carr, Bristol Hickman
3rd Year Pin: Colin Whisenhunt
4th Year Pin: Aleena Rowland
5th Year Pin: Robert Samons
6th Year Pin: Penny Sue Samons
7th Year Pin: Justin (Buck) Miller, Geoffrey Samons, Peyton Macejewski, Katelyn Macejewski
8th Year Pin: Serena Gray
9th Year Pin: Opal Samons, Katelyn Miller
11th Year Pin: Sawyer Beggs
12th Year Pin: Mikayla Ellison, Holly Efird, Tracy Efird
Caddo 4-H Club has 20 members.
1st Year Pin: Levi Foley, Tayton Barnett, Logan Voan, Keagan Hamner, Elayna Hamner, Penelopy Hamner, Maybelle Black
2nd Year Pin: Isaac Chung, Joseph Chung, Asher Chung, Ryder Hartwick
4th Year Pin: Tyler Bour, Nery Castillo, Brenda Castillo, Estella Castillo, Yuneor Castillo
5th Year Pin: Andy Black
6th Year Pin: Hunter Baugher
11th Year Pin: Emily Hawthorn
12th Year Pin: Lucas Hawthorn
Oden 4-H Club has 24 members.
1st Year Pin: Sarah Starr, Koy Long, Dominic Libby, Sebastian Libby, Darton Buxton, Timrie Venable, Emma Thomas, Emmalee Buxton, Tallon Buxton, Gunner Buxton, Sharrona Vogel
2nd Year Pin: Lora Mae Bridges, Amos Bridges, Joshua Christenberry, Jacob Christenberry
4th Year Pin: Spencer Murray, Brody Murray, Cody Dowdy, Charlotte Metcalf
5th Year Pin: Ralynn Sharp, Clay Carmack
7th Year Pin: Faline Sharp
The Clover Buds have 10 members.
1st Year Pin: Mary Margaret Samons, Jayda Dorse, Brickson Ellison, Irwin Sadlin, Wyatt Johnson, Bryndlelyn McNabb, Mariko McNabb
2nd Year Pin: Josie Jackson, Jaxon McBride
3rd year Pin: Evelyn Samons
4-H Club leaders were recognized. Club leaders include Courtney Macejewski, Donna Dutherage, Lynda Baugher, Patricia Carmack and Barbara Clay.
Congressional Award Winners and those working toward a Congressional Award were recognized. Sawyer Beggs, Peyton Macejewski and Opal Samons have been awarded a Bronze Congressional Award. Katelyn Macejewski has received a Silver Congressional Award. Mikayla Ellison is working toward a Bronze Congressional Award.
Livestock and Poultry Chain members were recognized.
Cattle: Sawyer Beggs, Ryder Hartwick, Katie Miller, Buck Miller
Poultry: Sawyer Beggs, Amos Bridges, Lucas Hawthorn, Josie Jackson, Hunter Baugher, Tyler Bour, Mae Bridges, Barrett Carr, Levi Foley, Emily Hawthorn, Bristol Hickman, Katelyn Macejewski, Aleena Rowland, Geoffrey Samons, Penny Samons, Cayce Smith, Logan Voan, Evelyn Samons, Opal Samons, Robert Samons, Colin Whisenhunt
Swine: Andy Black, Caycie Cogburn, Josie Jackson, Levi Foley, Hannah Manning, Katie Miller, Buck Miller
Goats: Tracy Efird, Holly Efird, Katie Miller, Timrie Venable, Buck Miller, Opal Samons, Titan Venable
Sheep: Levi Foley, Cheyenne Parton, Emma Thomas, Titan Venable
Rabbit: Penny Samons
The Ross Photography Award winners were announced. There were five local 4-Hers who competed in the state event. They were Asher Chung, Joseph Chung, Isaac Chung, Mikayla Ellison and Katelyn Macejewski.
Record book winners were announced.
District level winners include Sawyer Beggs, Katelyn Macejewski, Opal Samons and Penny Sue Samons.
Katelyn Macejewski was a state level winner.
Camp Bucks winners were announced.
Bronze Medal Winners include: Joseph Chung, Mary Samons, Emma Thomas, Buck Miller, Colin Whisenhunt, Makenzie Clark, Timrie Venable, Josie Jackson, Katie Miller, Dominic Libby, Spencer Murry, Serena Gray, Maybelle Black, Sebastian Libby, Brody Murry, Sarah Star, Jaxon McBride, Kinley Elder, Titan Venable, Faline Sharp and Ralynn Sharp
Silver Medal Winners include: Peyton Macejewski, Mikayla Ellison, Clay Carmack, Robert Samons, Evelyn Samons, Isaac Chung, Asher Chung, Hunter Baugher and Emily Hawthorn
Gold Medal Winners include: Katelyn Macejewski, Penny Samons, Opal Samons, Sawyer Beggs and Geoffrey Samons
The Ola Mae Walton Spirit of 4-H Award was presented to Koy Long (Oden), Geoffrey Samons (Mount Ida) and Asher Chung (Caddo)
The Outstanding Junior and Senior 4-H awards were presented to Penny Sue Samons (Junior) and Katelyn Macejewski (Senior)
The Friend of 4-H Award was presented to Camp Ozark. Gene Monk received the award on behalf of Camp Ozark.
The final awards of the night were given two three members. The newest members of the Montgomery County 4-H Wall of Fame are Peyton Macejewski, Mikayla Ellison and Sawyer Beggs.

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