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MCCPA introduces more “Into the Woods, Jr” cast members

As we continue with introducing you to our new comers for “Into the Woods, Jr.” a magical, imaginative adventure, told through Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm’s classic fairy tales all rolled in to one.   As the intricate plot unfolds, Cinderella, her Prince, Little Red Ridinghood, the Wolf, Jack, Rapunzel, and other fairy tale characters are attempting to realize wishes of their own.

This week you will meet Taylor Jacobs, a student at Mount Ida High School.  This is her first performance.  She states that as long as everyone knows when to come in on cue things go very smoothly. “It’s less nerve-wrecking than what I thought it would be”.  She enjoys watching all the talent the other cast members have and watching them grow in that talent.  She really like portraying her character.  “Acting so dramatically is lots of fun & I get to sing a ‘lil bit”!  Her character is Jack’s mom.  This mom is very stressed, single, and tries her best to provide for her son, Jack.  Of course, she cares for him very deeply and is concerned when he goes missing after his encounter with the giant.

Hannah Jerzak is a home school student who is learning where she has to be on stage.  She’s also learning what the different areas of the stage are called and breathing techniques.  Hannah plays the part of Cinderella’s stepsister, Lucinda.  Lucinda is the kinder stepsister, but still mean and laughs at Cinderella’s wish.

Kiera Jerzak is also a home school student.  She says, “I’ve learned that being where you are supposed to be at the right time is the most important thing you could do to keep the performance going”. Kiera plays Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny.  She wants the audience to know that the narrator, 3rd stepsister, cow’s back, Hen & Mysterious Man are her siblings.

Performance dates are Saturday, October 9 & 16 @ 7 PM; Sunday, October 10 & 17, @ 2 PM. Admission is $8 for adults, senior adults & students are $5.

Advance tickets can be purchased. Contact Edwenna 870-490-1678 for more information.

Credits are given to Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine for MTI’s Broadway Junior Collection for writing this musical.


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