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Local Food Pantry receives huge donation


Volunteers unpack pallets unloaded from the truck by a forklift owned by True Value Hardware. The Montgomery County Food Pantry received a huge donation from The Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. – Photo courtesy of True Value Hardware Facebook Page

MOUNT IDA – Community spirit was alive and well in spite of COVID-19 last Thursday as people came together in a responsible way to help The Montgomery County Food Pantry unload a donation delivered by semi truck.

According to the Pantry’s Facebook page a large donation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints arrived at the Annex Thursday, April 9. Pantry volunteers had been notified in March that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wanted to donate 13 pallets “stacked six and eight pallets high” of canned food.

As promised, the truck arrived April 9 and a host of volunteers and businesses pitched in to help unload the food. 

Local businesses pitched in  by providing much needed equipment. True Value Hardware providing a lift truck to unload the pallets. Bob’s Food City loaned the use of a pallet jack to help move the pallets around once they were unloaded.

Brushy Baptist Church offers assistance unloading frequently and they were on hand to help unload the donation. Several other volunteers were on hand as well.

Although the Annex is closed, the Montgomery County Food Pantry continues to provide food to community members on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Pantry volunteers are prebagging food and placing them in shopping carts. People are asked to not enter the building. Volunteers will push the shopping carts outside and then community members may load the food into their vehicle and bring the cart back to the front door.

Buggy handles will be sanitized after each use. This will be the standard operating procedure until the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.

The Montgomery County Food Pantry is located in the Montgomery County Annex Building located at 117 Ray Drive in Mount Ida. They can be contacted by phone by calling (870) 867-7168.

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