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Indians, Knights earn Top 10 finishes

CADDO HILLS – Christian Hernandez finished in the Top 5 Saturday as Caddo Hills hosted the 2021 Indian Run.

Christian Hernandez of Caddo Hills turns his stopwatch off as he finishes the finish line Saturday. He finished in fourth place at the Indian Run Senior Boys three mile cross country race. The event was hosted by Caddo Hills School District. – Photos by Dewayne Holloway

Hernandez finished fourth in the senior boys three mile run with a time of 16:57.9.
Christian Katz of Ouachita won the senior boys division with a time of 15:43.1, followed by Luis Morales (16:03.9) and Patricio Rameriz (16:47.7), both of Centerpoint. Nathanael Campbell of Arkadelphia rounded out the Top 5 with a time of 17:17.2.
Other Caddo Hills runners include: Lane Naney (24th, 19:34.4), Jerry Friend (34th, 20:22.1), Daniel Cruz (35th, 20:31.3) and Juan Velazquez (40th, 21:05.1).
Ouachita won the team competition, followed by Magnolia, Arkadelphia, Bismarck and Caddo Hills.
Other Centerpoint Knights competing include: Jorge Martinez (43rd, 21.30.1), Edwin Bolanos (44th, 21:43.2).
The day got off to a sloppy start with the senior girls braving the rain as it fell during their competition.

Basketball Coach James Owens offers a congratulatory hand to Skylin Sliger of Caddo Hills as she crosses the finish line in the senior girls three mile cross country race. – Photos by Dewayne Holloway

Skylin Sliger was the lone Lady Indian in the senior girls division. She finished in 28th place with a time of 25:39.7.
Emelia Eriksson of Arkadelphia won the three mile race with a time of 18:42.4. Maria Grano of Waldron finished second (19:36.0), Darbi Jones of Mansfield finished third (19:37.4), Khadija Karim of Magnolia finished fourth (20:51.0) and McKenzi Stidman of Waldron finished fifth (20.57.9)
Magnolia won the team competition, followed by Mansfield, Waldron, Pulaski Academy and Arkadelphia.
The Junior Girls ran a 1.5 mile course with Mansfield and Magnolia taking up the top four spots.

Katelynn Foster (22) of Caddo Hills keeps pace with the leaders as the course winds around Caddo Hills campus.

Katelynn Foster was the first Junior Lady Indian to cross the finish line, finishing in 13th place with a time of 12:29.0. Noemi Morales finished in 33rd place with a time of 15:07.9
Laney Wood of Mansfield won the event with a time of 10:51.8, followed by teammate Trinity Triska in second with a time of 10:55.8. Lily Manuel and Sophie Ellington, both of Magnolia finished third and fourth with times of 10:59.8 and 11:11.0. Avari Golden of Bismarck rounded out the Top 5 with a time of 11:19.0.
Magnolia won the team competition, followed by Bismarck, Mansfield, Waldron and Ouachita. Centerpoint finished in sixth place.
Centerpoint Junior Lady Knights competing include: Araya Astalosh (7th, 11:29.0), Mia Reyes (28th, 14:08.6), Lilly Hernandez (29th, 14:16.9), Erica Rameriz (35th, 15:35.3), Arabella Spurlin (38th, 16:05.7), Adelaid Laubach (42nd, 17:06.1)
Cole Naney finished in the Top 10 in the junior boys 1.5 mile race.

Cole Naney of Caddo Hills holds off Nate Smith to finish 8th in the junior boys 1.5 mile race

Cole finished in 8th place with a time of 9:43.6 to lead all Junior Indian runners.
Connor Waters of Magnolia won the event with a time of 9:12.8, followed by Eli Connelly of Waldron in 2nd (9:19.8), Josiah Fildes of Mansfield in 3rd (9:26.2), Joseph Porter of Bismarck in 4th (9:27.7) and Grant Wiggins of Magnolia in 5th (9:36.7).
Other Junior Indians include: Bender Meeks (15th, 10:27.2), Tad Cogburn (20th, 10:32.5), Brodi Sigfrid (31st, 11:11.9), Cameron Sliger (32nd, 11:12.2), Hunter Sliger (36th, 12:09.6), Jake Wray (38th, 12:22.1)
Caddo Hills finished in 5th place as a team.
Waldron won the team competition, followed by Mansfield, Magnolia and Centerpoint.
Centerpoint Junior Knights competing include: Nate Smith (9th, 9:44.0), Jareth Medina (10th, 9:53.2), Ronnie Rameriz (13th, 10:23.4), Hayden Lewis (28th, 11:05.9), Omar Cervalance (35th, 11:33.2)
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