Montgomery County News, Arkansas -

COVID testing nears 10 percent in Montgomery County

Testing in Montgomery County nears 10 percent of the population with over 860 tests administered since March. The County is reporting four active cases and 26 cumulative cases.
There have been 848 negative test results in Montgomery County to date. When added to the total positive cases you get 874, 9.8 percent of the 8,958 residents in the county.
Montgomery County has seen a slight decline in active cases over the course of the past seven days. With the county averaging five to six cases active for most of the week.
Arkansas reported 6,882 active cases Tuesday morning wit 475 deaths and 482,803 negative test results. This gives the state an 8.5 percent positivity rate.
Central Arkansas continues to be a major sourse of the numbers with Pulaski County leading the state with 642 active cases. They have reported 79 deaths and 60,483 negative test results.
Neighboring Garland County reports 227 active cases and 875 cumulative cases. They have had eight deaths and 13,028 negative test results.
Other neighboring counties include:
Hot Spring County with 77 active cases and 1,465 cumulative cases. They are reporting nine deaths and 5,219 negative test results.
Yell County is close behind with 75 active cases and 14 deaths. They have 1,030 cumulative cases and 3,952 negative tests.
Howard County reports 67 active cases with two deaths. They have had 300 cumulative cases and 2,405 negative test results.
Clark County reports 28 active cases with 159 cumulative cases. They have 2,604 negative test results.
Pike County has 20 active cases and one death. They have 81 cumulative cases and 2,653 negative test results.
Polk County reports 17 active cases and one death. They have 131 cumulative cases and 2,164 negative test results.
Scott County reports 13 active cases and 44 cumulative cases. They have had 945 negative test results.
Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Monday that the state had received 100 new antigen testing machines. He stated that the machines will be placed in state health care clinics and will be available for use by local schools who might need quick test results for students who are suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

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