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Bob’s Food City to host Wade Rivers book signing

Wade Rivers

Local author Wade Rivers has released a new book, The Cave, and will have a book signing on Friday, September 3rd at Bob’s Food City in Mount Ida. The book signing will begin at 11 and end at 4 pm.
The Cave is his most compelling book to date and is written for a wide audience. “Anyone who loves suspense will love this book,” Rivers said. “It is an impactful story that people won’t forget, and that is the purpose of it. Unlike the traditional suspense thriller, The Cave was written to actually change people’s lives. It is a book that makes one contemplate their own existence and purpose on earth, but the reader doesn’t realize that till the very end because they are riveted by the events that occur.”
Rivers said that the novel was many years in the making. He wrote the initial transcript and obtained the copyright, only a select few were allowed to review it. “I was told it was my best novel yet and people wondered why I hadn’t published it. Sometimes writing is like a fine wine, it has to age. There are events in the world today that make the book more relative, so I went back through the book line by line, word for word, and sharpened it like a sword. It is an extremely tight read, but more importantly it is a book for our times.”
What Rivers hopes to accomplish is not only to write great books but to have the novels and stories he writes to become movies that are filmed in Arkansas. He even registered as lobbyist and met with the Film Commission in an effort to get that done. “Y”City, his first novel, did in fact have a movie offer but fell through in discussions. “Y”City was to be filmed in Mena, which is said is the “perfect backdrop” for a small town thriller. One of the things he realized he needed to do was to write the screenplays for each of his novels so he has written five screenplays in all in preparation for the day that might happen.

Over the next year, Rivers plans to publish three more novels. “You have to start someplace, and I am starting here,” he said. “I have not done any promoting till now. I have focused just on writing, not social media and it has allowed me to concentrate on the projects, now I must shift focus to promotion. If the novels are a success, they will be followed by movies. Arkansas is a set ready made to be filmed. Our natural beauty is our states greatest asset which we haven’t utilized. The time is now. There is an exodus of people leaving California and I hope so great directors will find their way here and discover what a great place this is.”

Rivers urges everyone who loves a great story to come out and get an autograph copy. He is looking forward to meeting them.

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